Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY Felt Stickers

make felt stickers
I want to plaster these felt stickers all over everything -to seal love letters and place them on gift tags. My daughter has already claimed the extras and we find little bunnies on notebooks and on our clothes. And the secret to making fabric stickers is in the adhesive sheets by Lifestyle Crafts -super affordable at only $5 a pack!

die cut felt bunny stickers

1. You'll need Benzie's felt (we use Calico here), adhesive sheets and a die. We use the Easter die from Lifestyle Crafts -love the silhouette of the bunny! (Don't forget to use BENZIE to get 20% off your We R Memory Keepers order!) Cut your felt and adhesive to the same size -peel the back off the the adhesive and stick to the felt.

A note about dies: some dies come with white ejection foam in the die (like our bunny did); this ejection foam helps paper to pop out easily after being cut -but because felt is so much thicker than paper -it best if you pull that foam out first. You'll have much better success cutting this way.

2. Roll this through the die cutter with die cut side down on the felt. For best cut I used the Evolution die cut machine with Sizzix cutting pads. You can also use the Genius cutting pads -but I found I had to roll it through a few extra times to get a clean cut because of the thickness of the adhesive paper adds to the felt. And there you have your sticker!

3. Stick it to anything -I love how easy the backing comes off and even sticks well to the cotton bag of rabbit tails!

how to make felt bunny stickers
I used my rabbit stickers to adorn a tea bag holder -perfect for a spring or Easter brunch.

felt favor for easter brunch

I used the Matchbook die from We R Memory Keepers to make the tea bag holder. Sticky Thumb adhesive was the perfect fit to adhere the tea bag to the matchbook -just sticky enough to hold but removable enough to actually use! For a finishing touch I added Benzie's Pom Poms in Natural at the tag for the tea bag.

Happy Easter friends!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY Felt Succulents

diy felt succulents
how to make a felt succulent
We all love succulents, thick petaled plants -smooth, symmetrical and in a beautiful array of greens and blues -natures bouquet. These little beauties also translate well into Benzie's felt -and these will fare well in all types of weather too!

We R Memory keepers felt succulent diy

The materials we used:
Benzie's Felt -we love the colors in the Sweet Succulent collection!
Oval Dies (use BENZIE to get 20% off any purchase at We R Memory Keepers)
Felt Pom Poms -we used a variety of our 1cm, 2cm and 3cm in the color Stone
Birch tree stumps
Glue gun

benzie felt succulent collection

We suggest the felt hues in our Sweet Succulent collection. To use the long oval punch dies we cut a 9x12" sheet in half the hot dog way and ran it through our manual die cutter -you'll want a nice pile of both the small and large ovals. You can read more about how to die cut here.

felt succulent tutorial

To make the succulent center take one small oval -fold in half twice and use just a bit of glue to secure. Then take 3 ovals -fold in half and form around succulent center. Continue attaching ovals on the underside of the plant to form your succulent. You can make them large or small by selected fewer or more ovals to attach.

To make the centerpiece I used 3 various sizes of birch logs -glued on some moss -arranged the succulents and placed felt pom poms just so to resemble pebbles that succulents often grown in. I also scattered a few around the base of the centerpiece. A great focal point for your table -or how about try a felt terrarium or decorate grapevine wreath? Let me know what you make!

succulent centerpiece

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Four years of Felt

Benzie is celebrating 4 years of wool blend felt! And it just keeps getting more fun -just this past year we had our Moss garland spotted in a magazine, started offering DMC floss, and became a member of Lifestyle Crafts fabric teams.

To celebrate 4 years -how about a few more new items (and a discount)?

oval embroidery hoops
Circle hoops are always fun -but oval? Now we're complete!

But you know what I'm really excited about?! Like over the moon about?! Felt POM-POMS!!! Yes, now we have felt balls - 30 colors, 2cm, all felted goodness. Some of the colors coordinate with our current felt collection -some are completely new. I'm like a kid in a candy store!

felt balls by Benzie
Felt Pom Pom, Balls, Beads for Garlands
felt balls, beads, pom-poms by Benzie

One thing we have managed to avoid in 4 years is any price increases, unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control we will need to adjust our felt sheets and yard prices, starting next week. This will help us to maintain quick and immediate service and continue adding fun products to our shop. Our yard cuts are already a great deal -and will be even more economical after the change. Also, don't forget we offer discounts on bulk purchases -just contact us!

To celebrate 4 years & felt pom-poms -take 10% off your felt & supply order using FELTLIKEAPARTY4 at checkout. Use that same code to get 20% off your garland order in our handmade shop -through Saturday, February 22. Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sequins and Felt: Valentine hair clips

My favorite sparkly embellishment for felt is sequins, it pairs so nicely and sews so easily with felt! Make a pair of heart shaped hair clips or pin one to your lapel -something sweet for Valentine's Day.

diy sequin hearts

diy felt heart hair clips

1. To make the hearts super quick and uniform I grabbed my favorite nesting heart die from Lifestyle Crafts. And don't forget to use our 20% off coupon BENZIE on any Lifestyle or We R products!

2. You'll also need some of Benzie's felt -we used Flamingo and Magenta to cut two larger and one smaller heart. Here's a tutorial on how we use the die cuts but you can also freehand hearts using a sharp scissors or our freezer paper method.

3. And for the sparkles! Pick out your favorite sequins and some matching seed beads.

4. Layer sequins and beads onto 2 layers of felt and fill in the center heart. You may need to use a beading needle for the seed beads.

5. Stitch a pin or hair clip to the second large heart then attach to the sequined heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

sequin felt valentines

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Can I use a die cutting tool to cut felt?

how to die cut felt
Two questions I get asked all the time: "How do you cut your shapes so perfect?" and "Can I die-cut felt?!" Yes, I say while nodding my head enthusiastically! You can die cut felt -it makes perfect edges every time and makes felt even more versatile and production friendly.

die cut felt bows

First -there are two different categories of machines: electronic and manual. We are going to take a look at manual die cut systems today. There are several different systems and brands of dies from companies such as Accucut and Sizzix. Dies for these machines generally fall within two types: wafer thin dies and steel rule dies. Steel rule dies are approximately 3/4" thick dies encased in foam where wafer thin ones are just like it's name; thin, light and kind of like a cookie cutter for crafters. You can mix and match dies and machines using combinations of platforms and shims.

We are going to focus on the Evolution die cutter and Genius platform system by Lifestyle Crafts to cut Benzie's felt. I am on a fabric team with Lifestyle and you're welcome to use my 20% coupon BENZIE at for dies and tools and anything else We R. Let's get started!

First, the Genius platform is what is used to sandwich your die, felt and cutting pads. Genius is also compatible with other die cut machines as well. There are a couple of fun things about this, first off, the base is magnetic. The wafer thin dies just stick to the base -and don't move around either! This makes it easy to place multiple dies down while getting maximum cuts from your felt. The cutting pad is also flexible -kind of like a self-healing pad so it still looks great after hundreds of cuts! Here's a diagram that explains what order you will want to sandwich the parts.

how to die cut felt

1. The magnetic platform is placed first.
2. In order for the felt to be cut cleanly -a shim needs to be used. I used a sheet of card stock.
3. Then place your die, cut side up. We are using Lifestyle Crafts bow-tie die.
4. Benzie's 6x9" felt sheets work perfect in die cutters -just order it to the size you need!
5. Then place your final cutting pad 'Mat A' on top.

die cut machine for felt

Then take your die sandwich and roll it through your die cutter.
shims for die cut
See how it comes out?! A perfectly formed shape!

diy felt bow
With a few quick folds and stitches or glue -it's even easy to make a bow -a bow tie for a boy or a hair bow for a girl! I love that I can quickly put together a gift and not worry about tedious cutting or time consuming patterns. Let me know how you use dies with your felt -I would love to hear about it! And don't forget to use BENZIE for 20% off your next purchase. To use the felt shown check out our Dapper Collection in our shop. I love these colors together!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Monogram Christmas Ornaments // Cropadile Giveaway!

In December, my kids clamor to put up the Christmas tree ornaments -but what makes it even more special is when they have ornaments that are just for them -a ballerina for the dancer, a chess piece for the gamer and a glittery dinosaur for the preschooler. Monogramed ornaments also serve as name markers for presents or place settings at holiday dinners -something that can be taken home as their own. 

letter felt monograms

wool felt tutorial

For these ornaments you will need:
Wool Blend Felt -we used Swan, Peacock, Mustard, Ochre, Magenta and Flamingo. 
Eyelets (we used 3/16" eyelets)
Parchment paper

1. First, take 2 sheets of felt. To make it easy, I just folded a 6x9" sheet in half. Then trace the letter onto parchment paper. You can download the Futura font and numbers here. Lightly iron your parchment to your choice of felt. Check out our parchment technique for more info.

2. Then stitch right on top of the paper -you're joining the two sheets of felt together. I used a machine to do this, but it would work by hand as well! I love how easy it is to stitch a pattern this way!

3. Carefully rip away the parchment and cut around the letter. You'll want a sharp scissors for this! 

how to cropadile chart

Okay, now the next step is setting the eyelet -but before I can do that -I have got to tell you about a fun tool that will make adding eyelets much easier and quicker! It's the Crop-a-dile! First, I'll give you a quick tour:

1. Squeeze the handle and press the lock button -this will unlock the setter or lock it for compact storage.

2. The Crop-a-dile has two hole punches in 1/8" and 3/16" size (if you're looking at the photo -there is one punch at the top and one at the bottom). This preps the material (in our case, felt) to hold the eyelet. You may notice a little black knob -this is adjustable so you can evenly space multiple holes along a line.

3. This is where you actually set the eyelet - but first the combo has to be right for whatever item you are setting (the right size eyelet, snap or embellishment). This is done by popping out the little black cubes and twisting them to the setting you need. Pop it back in when you are done -and set your eyelet by placing the item between the cubes (make sure the 'base' is on the bottom -it's written on the crop-a-dile) and squeezing the handle. Works perfect every time! You can also view a video to see the tool in action.

4. Here is a handy combination chart -the top cube is designated by a letter and the bottom by a number. We are using 3/16" eyelets -so we have our Crop-a-dile set at A-1. Now back to the ornaments!

eyelet setterTo set the eyelet, make a mark where you want the eyelet to be.

how to set eyelets with cropadileWe are using 3/16" eyelets (this is the measurement of the center hole). Use the 3/16" punch on your Crop-a-dile.
how to set eyelets with cropadile

Adjust the knobs on your Crop-a-dile to A-1, place your eyelet in the hole and press. String some ribbon (we love velvet!) and you have an ornament!

letter felt pattern
I love how just adding eyelets give these ornaments so much class -definitely on my list of favorite felt tools!. We R Memory Keeps has offered to give a Crop-a-dile away to one of Benzie's guests. Just add a comment below! For two additional entries, like Benzie and We R Memory Keepers on facebook. Congratulations Laura Cox!

To get 20% off eyelets, ribbon or the Crop-a-dile (or other Memory Keeper and Lifestyle products) use BENZIE at

Monday, November 18, 2013

Guest Curator: Kitschy Christmas by Wild Olive

This guest collection was planned just in time to deck your halls -and trim your tree! Mollie Johanson from Wild Olive introduces a pattern for nine different ornaments -in some retro pinks and greens.

benzie felt reindeer kitschy ornament
wild olive felt poinsettia kitschy ornament benzie
Oh my! The poinsettia ornament -I think it's my favorite -but you'll have to check out the rest! All cute and smiley! The pdf pattern is super easy to understand and she has some helpful tips about embroidery on felt. This pattern is for sale in her shop and Kitschy Digitals. I love how it's easy to just do one ornament -or a few and so easy to take along on holiday trips!

This is Benzie's first guest curated collection that also has coordinating floss, I'm excited about how easy it is to get supplies and get crafting. Pick up your floss and felt at the same time!

kitschy christmas felt and embroidery floss
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